#1 - Frá Auðmjúkum Byrjun​.​.​.

by The Owl



"Starting out literally from humble beginnings, very quiet, drifting, floating around, almost aimless, lost; it is worth continuing to the end to understand why it began in such a way. Almost like a human finding its feet, gaining consciousness, figuring life out, and also kindly easing your mind, emptying it of all thought to allow the sounds to guide you, as you go on a very well considered journey through varied ambient and hypnotic stages of sound.

Stripped down, rhythmically awkward drums come in from time to time, whilst the more minimal electronic sounds fizz, contort, warp and twist underneath very sombre bass chords, that then make way for something darker, brooding, that I could entirely imagine in a tense section of a film, and reminds me of something from 'Monoliths and Dimensions' by Sunn o))).

Finally, the hypnotic repeating layers come back, with more emotive bass chords, and a huge build up takes us to the end of this four part piece of music from The Owl.

If you like your film and game soundtracks, or listening deep inside layers of sound, that at no point reveal anything frightening or too heavy for a listener, but still take you on an occasional tense journey or two, then this is worth 23 minutes of your time as the introduction to the mind of The Owl."


released October 23, 2018

This is set to £5, because there is a remixed version here: theowl.bandcamp.com/album/8-voyage
and to help set up the minimal charge possibility of buying a full discography in one go. Thank you.

Bass, drums, electronics, photo, logo - The Owl
All sounds created live: September 12th 2018

Please add www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJl9qlF7aG4 to your YouTube playlists if you enjoyed this release. Thank you for any support.


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The Owl Leeds, UK

- Sound experiments since 1994. As THE OWL since Autumn 2018. Headphones advised.

- Worked with the following lovely labels: Trepanation, Korobushka, Nailed Nazarene, Basement Corner, Vacuum Noise, Sputo, ExtraNation, Kalamine, Pichula, plus of course Owlripper.

- Looking for compilations of any style. Please message me of any happening. Thank you.
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