#48 - Split with Hatiyar

by The Owl

I was tempted to call this 'The Evolution of Clang, Bang, Crash, Smash' but it didn't quite sound serious enough. First two of the interesting loops found amongst the metal hitting and glass smashing, and I think this track serves as an introduction to my half, which I tried to make feel as much like a complete album on its own, with this beginning, a story running through it, a middle track which is like a crossroads moment in the tale, and then the build up to the big, heavier ending section.
Some more unexpected loops, vacuum noise rave sounds and disintegrating layers. The first loop sounds strangely happy, but once I heard the title line in there, I couldn't unhear it, so it stayed. So, I guess I can attribute this to being about dealing with loss but eventually focusing on the positive things of having had that person in your life in the first place, and whilst it is always absolutely shit letting go of the person physically, memories exist and keep you sane in the long run. Picture taken 10 minutes walk from my house. Snowy winter graveyard. Such a goth!
Yes, that is me 'singing'! Other noises made from steel bars hitting a metal gate with heavy post-manipulation for the loops. This is where things start getting really weird and less obviously things being hit and smashed up. Title wise, I had in mind a leader of the robot army who had began malfunctioning and deteriorating over the course of the previous few weeks, and then one day in the 'control room' where all the big screens are, looking out over the world, the robot loses the plot entirely, and starts singing and dancing in the middle of the room, surrounded by all its minions, ordering in a tuneful manner chaos and destruction, and then rolling around on the floor laughing and crying and screaming 'kill fucking kill them' and then lauging maniacally some more... and whilst all those who do its bidding know that it is malfunctioning and they shouldn't follow the orders, they are also too scared not to, so start sending out the troops to dismantle the world. In case you were wondering....
This one is fun in headphones and probably inspired by Meshuggah's Chaosphere. This bit follows some lovely clangs mixed with keys/chains being jangled, and I was really pleased with how things switched in this track. The term 'pyrrhic victory' is a wonderful phrase, coined in relation to the 3rd century B.C. Greek King Pyrrhus who lose a third of his army in winning 2 battles, and was quoted 'If we are victorious in one more battle with the Romans, we shall be utterly ruined.' I know this is well known, but it is still very interesting... and I named this track as I did in relation to this idea. It's the middle track on my half, and with the titles that follow getting more bleak and apocalyptic, it very much refers to the battle being fought by this vast world's insanely vast population against things they have caused themselves with the mess of the environment, hunger, poverty, violence, bigotry, hate and all the general bullshit that goes on that we are all aware of. How much longer can we battle against it, before it is our own undoing, personally and globally? If it all somehow gets solved or situations improved, how ragged and out of energy might we be to reach that point? Thank you, if you read my rambles and details of what motivates my sounds and titles.
10 bonus points for guessing the sample at the start of this track. So, if you got this far in the album, first of all I thank you, and now I don't think I really need to explain where it is going and what it all means, from the titles, the imagery and the sounds within, so, I hope you will keep on going.
We should not give self-centred egomaniacs the power to decide our world, no matter how fucking rich they are! I wouldn't have them decide on what sandwich to have for dinner, never mind to hold the fate of billions of people in their hands. What a fucking joke democracy, bureaucracy and political infrastructure is. The sound of missiles launching, exploding, disintegrating everything.
It absolutely defies comprehension that images like this can be seen around the world. The cripplingly selfish humanity's debris suffocating and debilitating the planet beyond any point of return.
really like Hatiyar's titles here. 'Finding FM Channel' for me is especially perfect. I told him (and now I am telling you) about growing up with a small radio alarm clock that I used to hide under my pillow when I went to bed, and was as fascinated by the sounds in between the channels as the 'proper' songs I found, and even as an 8 or 9 year old, I would often 'play' these sounds, moving the dial fractionally to get slightly different noises, then moving them back. Anyone else? It was on this radio that I first discovered the John Peel and the Late Night Rock Shows on BBC Radio 1, as well as a few channels in Europe that I have no idea of the name of, that were playing weird alternative music, prog rock, minimal electronic stuff, and I know this all played a major part in where I am 35-40 years later in life, especially if you add in listening to the loading noises on the ZX Spectrum games. Finding 'songs' or 'riffs' in noise. It's always been my thing (sure some of the trve noise people will scoff at this), so, it made me happy when I saw this title, and the track itself felt like it was a nod to that sort of feeling and discovery. Even if it wasn't, it's interesting what other people's songs and titles can conjure up in your own mind.


Everything on my half is made from: Chains, padlocks, metal bars and gates, smashed glass, voice and pedals. Recorded and demolished and rebuilt upside down several times between January 29th and February 16th 2021.

Everything on Hatiyar's half is made from samples, recordings on location and in nature, arranged and using pedals.

It was great getting talking to Hatiyar through working on this split. A very talented sound worker and nice guy, and I think we've put together something pretty damn intense sounding on this album.

Check out his excellent growing discography of own works and other splits.


This is also available on his new label Ulka Pind Records, go and follow to see how things progress... ulkapindrecords.bandcamp.com


released April 26, 2021

Photos, layout and both logos by The Owl


all rights reserved



The Owl Leeds, UK

- Sound experiments since 1994. As THE OWL since Autumn 2018. Headphones advised.

- Worked with the following lovely labels: Trepanation, Korobushka, Nailed Nazarene, Basement Corner, Vacuum Noise, Sputo, ExtraNation, Kalamine, Pichula, plus of course Owlripper.

- Looking for compilations of any style. Please message me of any happening. Thank you.
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