#50 - FIFTY

by The Owl

Original - 1 - Frá Auðmjúkum Byrjun​.​.​. / From Humble Beginnings - Chilled out ambient / post- / minimal loops and delays. October 2018 seems so long ago! (P.S. New song named this way because of the Suicidal Tendencies album title).
Original - 2 - Lost In The Vastness Of This Insane Universe - Doom drone ambient swirls. NGC4889 is one of the biggest riffs I've ever played. There is still another version of this song to come in the future...
Original - 3 - Strengthening The Foundations - Recorded live using a Monotron, through two cabs, two amps and a PA. It was SO nice in that room!
Original - 4 - Purge The Demons Or Die Trying - First harsh noise I'd made in about 10 years, 10 minute not bad effort.
- 5 - Live At Bad Apples - Nearly 2 years since this gig! Wow! Improvised doom noise.
Original - 6 - Aubzagl Eilifa Kuldinn remixed - Black metal album given some extra layers of noise, twisty loops and ambience
Original - 7 - Saying Goodbye To The Past - Bits of dark / ambient / doom / drone / piano, loud and quiet, weird and nice.
Original - 8 - Voyage - This was only going to be a re-EQ of #1, but ended up a full remix, melancholic dark ambient drone with doom tinges.
Original - 9 - Hell Circular - Truly cathartic dark ambient drone / noise / piano / doom, about how to deal with the death of a parent and to appreciate every fucking moment you have.
Original - 10 - The Lone Drum Of Defiance - One snare hit became 19 minutes. Little harsh noise journey that eases you in gently and has a 'happy' ending!
Original - 11 - The Celestial Journey Through Monoceros - Bass tuned to Drop Drop A. Unhealthily low tuning! Drone doom riff swirl.
Original - 12 - Echoes From The East Coast - Field recordings made whilst on tour with Gets Worse in America, lo-fi dark ambient loops glitch noise
Original - 13 - Apotropaic - Midi Guitar Pro tracks made for a techdeathblackgrind band. It's honestly a miracle this ever got released, files lost, found, stolen (laptop).
Original - 14 - Oathbreaker remix - Swirly dark ambient remix of one vocal line from an Oathbreaker song.
Original - 15 - Ov Deth Ov Blakkness Ov Duuum Ov Deth666! aka The Descent Beyond All Realms Of Known Horror 'acoustic demo'. Weird!
Original - 16 - Inside The Heartbeat Of A Giant - 2 song 54 minute ambient / dark ambient / static space journey
Original - 17 - The Phobbssler Abstraction Report - Who or what is Phobbssler? This sometimes lo-fi dark ambient album may reveal...
Original - 18 - Preludiene And Exaltations - Precursor to Odyssey One. Doom metal meets swirly drone ambient with euphoric piano doom end!
Original - 19 - Improv Collab with Tomáš Homolík - Riffy/mosh drums and bass jam now with added glich/noise/loop/twists
Original - 20 - The Reaping - 6 minute metal grind tech d-beat noise blaster - My attempt at sounding like a thousand influential fast bands!
Original - 21 - Entranced Performer - Inspired by lots of 90s rave/techno with some metal/grind/noise touches
Original - 22 - Our Mechanical Future As Drones - A mix of low key piano meeting swirling industrial noise and beats
Original - 23 - Sculpting Savage Landscapes - Harsh noise with some walls and an abstract doom drone noise freak at the end
Original - 24 - Hluk Zloduch - Short twitchy noiseloop battering. You can hear the flashing lights!
Original - 25 - Pernicious Visceral Shredding - Ambient harsh noise with a few glitch loops and tense atmosphere
Original - 26 - Performance Entrancer - Electronic/dark techno songs of mine from the early 00s given a make over
Original - 27 - ZX Spectrum Game Loading Noises - Dark ambient noise journey back to my childhood. Seriously those loading noises had a huge impact!
Original - 28 - Ambient Piano Works - Simple (mainly nice) piano ideas with plenty of layers, harmonies and swirling sounds around.
- 29 - Here, The Final Vestige Of Hope - Dark ambient noise drones with philosophical samples and occasional synth wave sounds
Original - 30 - Thaumaturge - Dark droning noise based on the Sex, Satanism & the 19th Century ‘War of the Magicians article
Original - 31 - The Gerowlgeritofufu EP - Tofu is great. Gerogerigegege is great. Little harsh noise cooking EP.
Original - 32 - Field Recordings In The Czech Republic - Outside sound, kitchen noises, DIY bashings, dogs barking, skate ramp clatters, Hava Nagila.
Original - 33 - In The Noiseside Eglitch - The öö sound is born. Lots of fun glitched loops and surreal noises!
Original - 34 - Erratic Static And Impractical Tactics - Intense noise with some weird glitch loops and disharmonic layers
Original - 35 - Split with Francesco Terrini - Slow burning harsh noise / walls / disintegrating loops and dissonance.
Original - 36 - Further Into The Vastness - Swirly doom drone with big riffs and ambient end
Original - 37 - Odyssey One - Ascend is the biggest song project of my life so far. Multi layered swirly doom metal.
Original - 38 - My Life As An Isosceles Triangle - Maths related glitch noise loopings
Original - 39 - Split with I,Eternal - Hypnotic experimental slow burner with heavy noise riffs
Original - 40 - Split with Crepuscular Entity - Stomping crunching harsh noise purge with long closing pay off
Original - 41 - Frequency Mangler - Messed up glitch loop noise experiment, lots of samples
Original - 42 - Split with Sexy Crocodile For Dinner - Intense noise with oddball twisty moments
Original - 43 - Split with Miss Terra Bates - Intense and industrial edged psychedelic noise with a few chill / walls bits.
Original - 44 - The Recluse - 'Monolithic' as Boiled Angel maestro described it! 57 minutes of light/dark/drone ambience.
Original - 45 - Split with Stalk Market - My attempt at mixing Godflesh Aphex Autechre type hypnotic ambient noise
Original - 46 - Hibernation - Cathartic dark ambient drone isolationism journey
Original - 47 - Future Harmonies - Ambient electronic synth piano accordion bass collaboration with my absolutely most favourite human in the world.
Original - 48 - Split with Hatiyar - Organic metal hitting, glass smashing and shouting sounds looped and layered
Original - 49 - Dancing Songs For All The Family - Little fun glitch noise trip with dark ambient end.
This will pretty much only make sense as to why it sounds like it does, once you listen to the rest of the album. It is all 49 of the brand new one minute songs condensed into one second songs, and then the new 49 seconds was condensed again into 5.5 seconds, distorted massively and faded in and out at the beginning and (also reversed) at the end.. "Make mine a (Vegan) burger sandwich" said the Owl to the Bob. "Here you go Mr Owl; Now it's time to go to sleep!". Hope you enjoyed this wild ride! Please tell a friend if you did...


50th release, 50 tracks, 50 minutes.

The Owl album 'FIFTY' was made using all 353 songs I previously released on the first 50 records. The first 49 use all or parts of the songs on each release, and the 50th uses all those 49.

The album took around 300 hours over the course of 8 weeks to make... and now I am making videos for all those tracks, mostly using each release's cover image, to eventually make a full film.

You can see the first 3 of them here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=omWqiMsGHz4

49 releases, 304 songs, 24 hours 59 minutes 8 seconds The last minute is made up of 353 songs (original amount plus 49).

Parts are recognisable from the original songs, some absolutely not, and I tried to then put them all together as coherent tracks in a cohesive album (especially difficult when there were 49 differing original productions and styles involved!), with new titles based on something to do with the original release and the new sound.

Not sure how many explosions there are, but there's a LOT!


released May 7, 2021

This is a compilation, a remix album and new album all in one go. Other people make 'Best of' albums, I've made an 'All of'.

The 'LYRICS' tab has a run down of the style of every original release, in case you fancied a quick 'guide' through what has been happening.


Inspired by the likes of Mr Bungle (especially Disco Volante), Buckethead's more collage cut up work, Abeleresa's mammoth 13 hour 'Dying & Deceased', Igorrr, Venetian Snares, and I guess, myself, but, literally everything I've ever listened to, all flashed before my brain again like it was my dying moments, but then the end is like the rewind back into reality, left to ponder what to do from here...


I had the idea for this on the 9th March 2021, and made it between 12th March and 7th May.

At first I was quite gutted that the thought popped into my brain. This has been a lot of work to put it together in that time, and it has been really weird revisiting every track I've done. The temptation to remix / remaster all of them was huge, but, once I got going with it, I was so happy I did.

I hope you will enjoy this swift journey through everything I've released over the last 31 months, and if you've listened to The Owl before, I hope it was fun to try and spot parts of the songs here and there... and please, pass it on to others who might be interested.


THE OWL played / utilised the following on this record:
Bass, piano, vocals, keyboards, drums, Monotron, metal bars / gate / chains, padlock & keys, bottles (smashed and blown), wooden clackers, potato, printer, whisky, ZX Spectrum loading game noises, erm, probably a bunch more things, but it's been a hectic 31 months of noise making!

Gear used: Orange Tiny Terror, Ampeg 6x10 (2), Peavey Century 200H, Digitech Delay, Boss ODB2, Digitech Death Metal, EHX NanoPOG, Ibanez GSR200 5 string, mostly recorded on phones or Zoom H1 Recorder, arranged using Wavepad and Reaper (older stuff made on Guitar Pro and Fruity Loops) on 3 laptops (one of which fell into a coma whilst making the video for 15, thankfully it has recovered, but struggles to breathe from time to time!)


- Blanka The Littlemouse: Piano, vocals, accordion, keyboard, bass, bottles, blender, beans, hammers on 32 and 47
- Tomáš Homolík: Drums on 19
- Morgan Freeman: 'Keep Going' encouragement on 29
- Gene Belcher: Voice on 38
- Aubzagl: Band on 6 (including me)
- Gets Worse: Band on 12 (including me)
- Mick of The Afternoon Gentlemen: Joogidyboog on 12
- David Calder: Voice on 30
- The main cast of 'Osobennosti Nacionalnoj Ohoty' film who sing the wonderful Chernyy Voron (Black Raven) song better than anyone.
- Shout out to the ambulance that went by around 2am whilst recording The Recluse (44), you can clearly hear it on this new version!
- All the other film and TV samples used are absolutely not audible, so I will curtail this huge wedge of text here.


THANK YOU SO MUCH!! For reading this far, for listening to these and any past sounds, for downloading / grabbing the discography / buying CDs / sharing / to labels releasing things! It's all always massively appreciated and a lovely surprise any time it happens! The support for this project has been absolutely astounding and continues to blow my mind!

So.... As always, thank YOU for joining me on this journey.


all rights reserved



The Owl Leeds, UK

- Sound experiments since 1994. As THE OWL since Autumn 2018. Headphones advised.

- Worked with the following lovely labels: Trepanation, Korobushka, Nailed Nazarene, Basement Corner, Vacuum Noise, Sputo, ExtraNation, Kalamine, Pichula, plus of course Owlripper.

- Looking for compilations of any style. Please message me of any happening. Thank you.
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