#53 - Unexpecthexpected

by The Owl

The explosions are getting bigger... Hyperfocus means directing your attention outward. It's the most productive mode of our mind, when one task fills our full attention. Scatterfocus means directing your attention inward. It's the most creative mode of our mind, when we deliberately let our mind wander. The eternal struggle of the creative / productive person, trying to work out which is the best method to apply at various times.
Meshuggah and Dillinger Escape Plan totally influenced that riff at the end. This was originally called 'The Creeping Of The Glaucus Marginatus' (yeah, catchy I realise!), as some of the noises and the structure of the riff at the end made me envision the 'cerata' that wiggles around from their body, but, 'nudibranch' is a great word. The word "nudibranch" comes from the Latin nudus "naked" and the Ancient Greek βράγχια (bránkhia) "gills".
An indication of something that will happen in the future, often used as a literary device to hint at or allude to future plot developments: It is frequently adapted for use by composers of theatrical music. It creates the feeling of excitement or nervousness that you have when you are waiting for something to happen and are uncertain about what it is going to be...
En no Ozunu (役小角) lived during the Asuka Period, perhaps from 634-701AD. He was born with the name Kamo-no-e-no-kimi, but over his life he gathered many others such as En no Gyōja (役行者 En the pilgrim) and Jinben Daibosatsu (Great Bodhisatva of Heavenly Change) and En no Ozunu (En the Pilgrim). He is the founder of the religion known as Shugendō, a religion whose practitioners would later train the Ninja in their skills. Due to this he is considered an honored ancestor of the Ninja. Ozunu has many fantastical stories attributed to him. His birth being just the same. It is said from the moment he was born he could hold conversations with people, that he was born with a horn protruding from his skull and that he was born holding a flower in one hand. Long years of meditation in the mountain got him the name En no Gyoja, and he eventually founded the religion of Shugendō on Mount Katsuragi in Nara Prefecture. The new religions quickly gained a lot of growth. This growth worried the current Emperor Monmu, who feared the new religion could pose a threat to his power, and so he has Ozunu exiled for three years to the island of Izu Ōshima. Despite his exile it is said that he very often climb to the summit of Mount Fuji to meditate. In total, he is said to have scaled the mountain over 1000 times, and even learned a magical mantra known as the ‘Peacock King’ on the slopes of Mount Fuji. This new mantra gives him the ability to fly along the clouds so he could start to spend time between Heaven and Earth. Ozunu is said to have had several other supernatural powers. These powers included, being able to walk on water, the ability ot subsist on nothing but air and mist; and also the ability to shapeshift into a tiger. Legends say numerous attempts on his life were made throughout his life, but the axes used to try and kill him always smashed and broke upon coming into contact with his head. Some sources say that in the year 701 he reached enlightenment and walked across the ocean to China. Some others say he ascended to Heaven in a Buddhist alms bowl with his mother. Other accounts say he still walks in the mountains as a Sennin ‘Great Immortal,’ who watches over the Yamabushi to this day. Centuries after his death, the Yamabushi built a dojo on a Koga Mountain called Honda-san in his honor as they believed this was where he once had lived.
A concept song about the destroyer of all universes, and what that entity would be listening to on its headphones whilst at work.
Nobody expects the Owlish unexpected!
The Rack 00:48
Detcep xenuh sil wo ehts tce pxey do bon.


Please hit the 'Lyrics' tab. There is knowledge within, regarding each track and the titles.

This is another 'trust me / headphones advised' release, but I did once listen whilst walking at 6am when the sun was rising, and it was a strong soundtrack to things, so, I guess, choose whatever listening situation can aid with the focus on the sounds.

If you have been generally along for this weird, noisy, sometimes confusing but hopefully fun, interesting, learning and also challenging journey that I am trying to make the general trait of The Owl's audio and visual path, then I hope you will enjoy the intense, playful and macabre sonic humour in this release.

I am incredibly thankful and appreciative of those that are sticking around to see this overall story unfold, and to anyone who reads my rambles regarding each chapter. It is a lot of fun to do, and I hope it opens up an extra dimension to the sounds for you.


released May 24, 2021


Most of this was made between May 3rd and 23rd, 2021.

The intro was from a bass jam on December 31st 2018, the same birthday session that Odyssey One was born from. I will be including a lot more bass in my sounds from this point on, since that is my main instrument.

'Beware The Paralyser' is a melding together of 2 tracks that were made originally for OWL41 'The Frequency Mangler', but didn't quite fit. This track has some intensely demonic sounds in it later on after one of the weirdest loops I've ever made.

Parts 2-5 started life as a Morbid Beauty record, then things got a bit stranger and more experimental so I decided it was going to be an Owl record. It was then going to be a release specifically made for a label, but once it got wider apart in the spectrum of sound, it didn't fit what I was imagining my work for that label would be, so, it became a stand alone Owl release.

I imparted all this extra knowledge, because in my mind the paths that these sounds have taken has become an important part of this as a whole piece, so maybe it will help knowing a little bit more about its twisty little route to your ears.


The picture was taken in Frogner Park (aka Vigeland Park) in Oslo, Norway in May 2012. If you ever get the chance to go to Norway, this place should be on your 'Definitely Go To' List, obviously along with that infamous black metal basement / record shop of course!


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The Owl Leeds, UK

- Sound experiments since 1994. As THE OWL since Autumn 2018. Headphones advised.

- Worked with the following lovely labels: Trepanation, Korobushka, Nailed Nazarene, Basement Corner, Vacuum Noise, Sputo, ExtraNation, Kalamine, Pichula, plus of course Owlripper.

- Looking for compilations of any style. Please message me of any happening. Thank you.
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