#15 - Ov Deth Ov Blakkness Ov Duuum Ov Deth666!

by The Owl



Crazy and intense video for this song is here!

The Owl - Bass, whispers, felt tip pen and table.
Made for the 'Segregationem Scribendarum MMXX' project.
Written and Recorded 28/4/20

The 'The 'Blackened Noise Cyber Doom Glitch Meta-Metal Is My Business... And Bsnss Is Srs!' acoustic version - Demo' version!

No Fun. No Trends. No Core. Nah mate, shurrup.

I didn't own an interface or have a DAW at this time. All original sounds recorded using my phone. Sounds put together on Wavepad.
Bass is all acoustic, no amp or pedals were used.
No drumkits were harmed or even seen, that's definitely obvious!
The normal perception of rhythm is very upset with my behaviour.
It's all very deliberate. Stick around to the end, and it probably still won't make any sense.


released May 2, 2020

Comments about this song whilst it was livestreaming for the project included comparisons to Mr Bungle twice, Gnaw Their Tongues, getting trapped in a gameboy running out of batteries, being chased down a sewer, falling head first into a cavern where up is down, there was praise for the g l i t c h e s and some more awesome comments saying it was scary, crazy, intense! (These are all positive things in my book!!)

Other quotes:
'Like going home after techno party through the forest'
'If this is the acoustic version the original version mustn't be actually legal'
'I'm definitely not watching whatever this is the soundtrack for'
'Jeff Minter should license this for his next game'
'This messes with my vestibular system. Is everything okay?'
'After this, nothing will ever be okay'
'Did you plug an aux lead into your brain?'
'Pure undiluted evil'
'Complete insanity'
and 'you have ruined my dog's evening with this' was the crowning glory!


all rights reserved



The Owl Leeds, UK

- Sound experiments since 1994. As THE OWL since Autumn 2018. Headphones advised.

- Worked with the following lovely labels: Trepanation, Korobushka, Nailed Nazarene, Basement Corner, Vacuum Noise, Sputo, ExtraNation, Kalamine, Pichula, plus of course Owlripper.

- Looking for compilations of any style. Please message me of any happening. Thank you.
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