#2 - Lost In The Vastness Of This Insane Universe

by The Owl

Reynisfjara 07:46
Drained from your eyes, the colour goes Monochrome visions are all you see All life is different from here on in Worship this scenery Oncoming storms make a mockery of our magnitude as they care not for what we are. Nature is in control and will outlive the combined efforts of us all. Its strength will overcome and crush and rule and take all our wretched lives away. Worship, respect and obey it all, whilst you have the chance.
Sequoia 04:33
NGC 4889 12:22
Every single thought All the words said or penned Any sound from every layer of noise Led to this precise moment now Never will I let insignificance on an unworldly level deter me from finding solace and finding peace. I am nothing, yet all I have. Even in the middle of the worst moments of my own existence, literal infinity surrounds me. An endless space to discover and roam. Always look up and out. Buried by my own hand My mind was smashed apart Pure blackness inside but still as bright as I can be You have resolve to call on. You just have to remember. My world was in abject ruin I begged for it all to end Even at the final precipice I still could not give in. Always remember.


released January 9, 2019

Icelandic journey film with 'Reynisfjara' and 'Stone Guardians' here:

Bass, electronics, vocals, lyrics, photo, logo - The Owl
All sounds created live: November 20th 2018

For fans of dark ambient soundscapes, hypnotic drone and delay drenched sounds, incredibly heavy bass-led riffs, sludge and doom metal, the sound of volcanoes erupting and the sense of drifting through space.

Band influences for this recording: Corrupted, Treha Sektori, Bismuth, Almyrkvi, Sunn o))), Earth, Nadja, Khanate, Lustmord, Nordvargr, Aphex Twin


all rights reserved



The Owl Leeds, UK

- Sound experiments since 1994. As THE OWL since Autumn 2018. Headphones advised.

- Worked with the following lovely labels: Trepanation, Korobushka, Nailed Nazarene, Basement Corner, Vacuum Noise, Sputo, ExtraNation, Kalamine, Pichula, plus of course Owlripper.

- Looking for compilations of any style. Please message me of any happening. Thank you.
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